dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Call of Duty AK47 - LIFESIZED

Today I bring you the AK47! This model is also ripped from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare game. This model isn't the easiest one that I've made so far. There is a lot of geometry inside this model. For building some parts you have to improvise =) I like this model but it is really hard if you don't have any experience with improvising. AND IT'S LIFESIZED!!! 800mm in width!

I provided in the .zip file a.pdf of the gold ak and a regular ak. I have included some pictures to warn you for some trouble and to improvise by cutting some pieces of.

AND: I have included 4 diffrent textures to choose from :) Isn't that nice? Now you can make different color combinations.

I really like to see some pictures of it :) You can always send it to me:ccpapercrafts@hotmail.nl    DON'T FORGET THE  .NL
I will soon upload a clip for the ak47 in a seperate .pdo! And maybe a acog sight and a silencer!

If you still want some information about this AK47 go to wikipedia.com

ALMOST 1000 downloads. :)

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